Thursday, April 8, 2010

Random Thoughts Thursday

Would flying cars really be cool? My husband claims they are totally possible but companies and corporations spend too much money trying to better the cars we already have so no money is put to further developing flying cars. I haven't decided whether I believe him (and this article) or not. Eitherway, I told him everybody could use a flying car and deal with air traffic and I will be the only car still using the road. I can't even begin to imagine how they would teach people to fly, nor how people would let out their air rage (road rage sounds so much better). Your thoughts??

I am secretly, or not so secretly, really excited for 24 to end even though I have a soft stop for this show. My excitment comes from the following reasons:

- I hate living what feels like half of each year of my life around this show.
- Many shows run too long and by the time they go off air they are not good anymore (like the Office...sorry Office fans but when is it going to end?). 24 has been struggling a bit and I think it is a good time for it to end, especially if they want to ever do a movie.
-There is no way this show is healthy for me. All I do is yell "torture her," "I hope Bower kills her before this season ends," or "DIEEE WOMAN DIE."
- The acting is not getting any better. If you can figure out what character causes my yelling and hateful comments, you will know who I think is this seasons worst actress.
- If I watch one more plot on 24 about an atomic bomb or any other sort of weapon of mass destruction, I might cry.
-I am beginning to think all Russians and Muslims are evil and that all politicians have some sort of secret agenda.

But I am sure when I am forced to watch reruns with my husband as he goes through 24 withdrawals I will regret ever wishing it would end.

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