Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Valentines Day

For Valentines Day, the hubby and I had to work around a few other things we had to get done. So we decided to celebrated a bit early (or at least I thought we had decided that). On Saturday we spent most of the day together. I was thinking about making breakfast in bed for the hubby but ended up staying up way too late (in my defense I was working on his gift).  He went to bed almost 3 hours earlier than me so I knew I wouldn't be up before him. We both woke up about the same time. He then got up and told me to stay in bed because he was going to bring me breakfast in bed. I said no way because I was making breakfast. I won because I had already planned on exactly what I as making and had picked up specific ingredients for it at the store.

After breakfast we watched tv and then watched one of my favorite chick flicks, The Proposal. That is one of the few chick flicks the hubby doesn't mind watching with me (Leap Year being another). After laughing my head off at it, and watching a bit more television, we headed to one of the malls to do a bit of window shopping. We then went to CPK where we ate a Mediterranean appetizer, drank some fruit drinks, and downed the following:

Absolutely delish. And thanks to a gift card, all we paid was the tip. We then headed up and watched some more tv and some of the movie Fireproof, while eating a huge and delicious sugar cookie that the hubby's sister made us. This sister then got home from her night out, and we watched an episode of the IT Crowd and The Community. Both episodes were about Dungeons and Dragons and both were funny. My knowledge of the nerd world just keeps growing. Before these episodes, I really had no clue what Dungeons and Dragons was. This whole time I thought it was just your typical video game.

As I stated above, I thought Saturday night was our Valentines celebration. But then on Sunday night I asked the hubby if he wanted to have enchiladas the next night and he said no. Which came as a bit of a shock as this kid never says no to Enchiladas. So I asked him why and he stated, in such a way that I could tell he had been trying to keep it a secret, that he was going to cook me dinner (a big deal. He isn't a cooker).

I wasn't sure what was going on but I made sure to get off work on time. When I got home, I noticed him getting ready to cook in the kitchen. I headed down to our room and became confused when I heard romantic music on in our section of the basement. What I found was our kitchen table set up for a candle light dinner. A very nice surprise. He ended up cooking Brazilian hot dogs, a somewhat unromantic meal, but he had been wanting to cook me them for a long time. We ate, we danced, and he told me what my gift was.

The hubby's instructions for Valentines Day were to not get me flowers this year and that all I wanted was a susprise. I like being surprised. A few days after I told him this, a Groupon was released for a discounted stay at a B&B near Monticello (Thomas Jefferson's house). I have never been there and we keep mentioning how we should go. While you can make a day trip out of it, I thought it would be nice to take a few days and have a mini trip with just the two of us. I left the decisions on whether to buy the Groupon or not up to him and said if he did, he couldn't spend any money on me for Valentines Day (meaning he would have to get really creative with his surprise). He bought it but didn't tell me he did. So that, along with the candle light dinner, became my surprise. I was pretty excited. And thankfully I got a bonus this month to cover the cost of the Groupon. The Groupon also covers the cost of Monticello and wine tastings. We wont be doing the wine tastings of course but it will give us the chance to check out some farms and vineyards and take pictures. I am super stoked.

I admit though that I kind of ruined his chances of surprising me. I secretly hoped the trip would be my surprise and when I opened my card and nothing about the trip was in it, I was a bit dissappointed. He told me a few mins. later that he had bought the Groupon. So while it was a surprise, it didn't work out quite the way it was supposed to. Maybe next year we can try the surprise thing again. Stupid Groupon for putting out such a great Groupon.

Below is a picture of one of the cards I made the hubby. My gift to him was a bit cheaper, but very personal. I made him a bunch of cards with different things written on them and some are redeamable for things such as a dessert of his choice.

Ignore the paystub in back, my bonus was another surprise. Haha!

It was a very nice Valentines Day. A bit odd in nature, but very nice. I love my hubby!

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