Wednesday, July 13, 2011

How good is Free-Range Meat?

I don't cook much these days, but will start again once we move out of my hubby's parents home. Thus, I haven't kept up on food related issues as much as I should. But I plan to catch up and have some books on my Amazon wish list to help in that pursuit.

And because of my lack of resources and knowledge, I almost feel like I shouldn't blog about the issue of free-range meat quite yet but I've decided to anyways as I found this article to be interesting.

All I tend to hear is how great free-range meat is to buy if one can afford it. And I know people that do purchase it. Some people purchase free-range meat because of it's supposed health benefits compared to animals raised in confinement. Some purchase it for ethical reasons and others because they feel it is better quality meat and has a better taste. Whatever the reason for people purchasing it, I respect their decision. As I also respect those that decline to eat meat altogether. I for one, eat meat and don't go out of my way to buy free-range meat.

I have heard all the pro free-range arguments there are, but I haven't quite felt like I believe them a hundred percent. Again, I haven't studied it enough and feel that I should study both sides of the issue before I begin to make a decision. And as everything that is backed up by statistics, how do I know whose statistics are more accurate?

With that said, I do find the article interesting. I have found many social issues, especially related to health, can become very one sided (Lyme disease for example) and to enveloped in self-interest and social norms (or fads depending on how you look at it). So I am glad to hear somebody has come out with different findings and questions regarding the actual health benefit of free-range meat. Data that goes unquestioned isn't necessarily good data so even if his facts aren't correct (I don't know if they are or aren't), it's good that the Dr. reported his findings. And his argument sounds kind of believable to me in a common sense sort of way.

What do you think about free-range meat? What do you think about James McWilliams' article and Dr. Peter Davies' findings?


  1. Have you read, Micahel Pollan's "In Defense of Food" or watched the documentary "food inc"?

  2. I don't think I have watched the documentary but the book has been on my amazon wish list for a long while now. I hope to get it by the end of this year.