Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Kim Chee Cucumbers

I love Korean food and I especially love Kim Chee*. I don't eat it often though because it stinks to high heaven and Jon might never kiss me if I smelled like Kimchi* all the time. But its so good! I wish he would just fall in love with it so we could sit around all day eating smelly cabbage. Anyways, real Kimchee* is not easy to make but cucumber Kimchi is simple so I decided to give it a whirl while in Utah. Usually my aunt whips it up but I decided it was time I learn so I could haunt my husband with it all the days of our lives. The instructions were easy to follow and I think I should have followed them rather than listen to the well meaning people trying to help me. Between the 3 of us, the proportions got all skewed. 

Hint for future Kimchi makers: if your cucumbers ever look like that after you mix the salt in, you probably used way to much salt. In fact, it's pretty simple! Don't use the full amount of salt if you use half the amount of cucumbers. No amount of water will wash enough of that salt away. Beat your head against a wall if you ever mess this up.

Despite the overly salty taste, they were still very delicious. I think it's about time I try to hunt down a Kimchee mix at one of the local international stores. I need to try my hand at it again.

P.S. Thanks Dad for introducing me to the world of Kimchi so many years ago. I may be the only one in the family that followed you down this path, but I am your favorite daughter for a reason :).

*I googled Kim Chee to see if the spelling on the packet was correct. And of course it was. The reason I was so confused was that there are a million ways to spell Kim Chee. So I decided to use a few of the version. You can thank me later for this spelling lesson. 

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