Thursday, July 21, 2011

My Beef With Harry Potter Fans

At first I thought them crazy. Pyscho. Nothing is good enough for that type of devotion. Then I started to watch the movies, eventually seeing movie 4 or 5 in the theater, and began to sort of understand their devotion. By the end of this last movie, I almost completely understood their devotion. I was head over heels in love too.

But one thing I don't understand is their inability to comprehend that not everybody has read the books yet. I almost had to avoid getting onto social media after the movie came out for fear of having the movie ruined for me. It wouldn't have been that hard to avoid with any other movie. "Spoiler" is used for a reason. But in the Harry Potter world, there is no way to spoil the movie because they think everybody has read all the books, multiple times.

But now my complaint is wasted because there will be no more Harry Potter movies, and because of that, I am sad. I will miss Harry Potter. Maybe I will have to read the books now.

P.S. I am glad I haven't read the books yet because I like when a movie shocks and surprises me and this last Harry Potter movie did just that. I am the type that prefers reading the book after seeing the movie. Though the book usually is better. That I will admit.

Still don't understand the Twilight craze though. And not sure I am willing to give that one a try. 

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  1. Twilight isn't worth it - read all the books and can testify to that. Blah.

    But the Harry Potter books are pretty good. The movies do a fantastic job of telling the story. I read the books first, so sometimes I wonder how people who haven't get some of the sub-story. I can't separate the books from the movies in my head, so it all mish-mashes together. Your way is probably the better way. :-)