Monday, April 29, 2013

Sometimes Life Doesn't Go Our Way

and we need to get over it.  But it's okay to complain first right?


The internet went out while the hubby was at work which meant no internet until he got home and fixed it.  I would have panicked a little less if I hadn't just spend hours putting together a purchase of much needed baby items, a purchase I didn't want lost.  We haven't really had any trouble with the current internet and I may have also been slightly concerned my computer was just having major issues.  Apparently though when the hubby called the provider, they said it was out all over Oahu and another one of the islands.  Weird!

I forgot to turn the stove down and majorly burnt the bacon.   Majorly as in the smoke alarm went off, which never happens to me, and there wasn't much left of the bacon.

Because of the bacon smell smoking out of our place, flies began to congregate around our apartment.  I closed all the windows when I noticed but somehow they still managed to get in.  The window in our bathroom isn't your typical window so if there is a hole in the screen the glass part is useless, or so I figured out tonight.  I opened the door and there were a handful of flies swarming in there.  Ugh!  At least I have finally figured out how the flies got in last time.

I was cooking bacon for BLT sandwiches, forgetting I needed lettuce and had already used the last of it.

The price was marked down on something I've been eyeing on Amazon so I decided to go for it.  Some people like to up the shipping when they see the word Hawaii, even though USPS doesn't charge anything extra.  This shipper happened to be one of those people and needless to say I wasn't about to let myself be taken advantage of.  So now I need to find another way to get this item.

I've been hot all day.  Whoever said Hawaii is the perfect climate to be pregnant in doesn't know what they are talking about.   In my opinion, Antarctica sounds nice right about now.  And this is coming from a girl who usually has a really low internal body temperature.

K.  Really, life is okay.  I just needed to get my day out of my system.  I guess I can be happy I didn't burn myself, a muchhhh too common occurrence these days.   I haven't broken a glass yet, another common occurrence as of late.  I didn't make a major mess while cooking and didn't spill anything.  My internet is now working.  The purchase was made.  The sandwich wasn't a lost cause without the lettuce.  I haven't died from the heat.  And my hubby still loves me.

But I did tell my hubby I was spending most of my night in bed just on the off chance I was destined for more bad luck.  If I don't move, nothing too bad can happen, right?  Speaking of which, does pregnancy typically cause one to become a klutz?  Or have I just forgotten how clumsy I can get?

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