Tuesday, April 14, 2009

"I think you have me confused with someone who is far less awesome"

That brilliant quote of course comes from Tony from NCIS.

My grievances for today:

1. Spend way too much money at the dentist. Way more than I thought I would. What is insurance for again? Ive gotta call them up and see if they will cover more. Perhaps the dentist just screwed up.
2. Its raining again.
3. I had this lame dream where I basically relived 28 Days Later. Well more like same theme, different circumstances. I finally woke myself up because the dream was going no where and I was bound to become a zombie eventually, mainly thanks to And all the dumb people in my dream.
4. I need to eat but my mouth is numb. And now my mouth is beginning to un numb itself and it tingles sooo much. I sounded like an idiot on the phone. I cant talk very well with a numb mouth.
5. Did I mention all the money spent today on my mouth...well I'm mentioning it again.
6. Its become increasingly easier to be depressed and sad and impatient and its sooo annoying. I just don't know what to do with myself.
7. Why has my boss not talked to me for 3 weeks? How am I suppose to do my work?
8. I am cold, so cold.

The good news is this past weekend was pretty fun. I finally gotta see Jon more because he was not busy with work. We took a walk and saw Taken Friday. Great movie by the way. Saturday we went into D.C. with Brooke and Scott and though the cherry blossoms were almost all dead and we almost missed the fireworks it was still so fun. Beautiful weather. Sunday was Easter. I taught Relief Society than hung out with Jon and the Family the rest of the day. Dinner was great, we took a very long walk, and I surprised Jon with an Easter Basket. I love surprising people.

Yesterday was 24 and it about made me kill myself. So depressing. K it was not that bad but, so as not to spoil it, lets just say that there were a lot of surprises and not good surprises.

Here is a video to enjoy!

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