Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Jocelyn ordered Ketchup Chips and gave me 6 bags of them so I will be eating them for a while but they are so yummy so its okay. Plus it takes the place of all those sweets I am still not eating.

I found out I lost weight since last summer. I put on some shorts that I had and they barely stayed up. I don't really trust anything that gives me my weight but if the scale is correct im down to 115.6 which is a few pounds less than my ideal weight so yay for having room to gain weight.


  1. Yay you finally got it working!!!

    yum I love ketchup chips but pickle chips are better:D

  2. I am commenting :) yay for the future because then I can actually comment! this is Great new... and ketchup chips sound disgusting...... yuck


    Yo look at that layout.

    Do you realize you can't comment on your other blog because of the layout.