Thursday, October 29, 2009


Before I go on about the things we did on our trip, and what events occurred, I would like to make a list of the good and bad about Massachusetts.

1. Gorgeous in the fall.
2. Unpredictable weather and strangely I liked that.
3. History is alive. So much history occurred there its almost overwhelming.
4. Not home of the Yankees :)
5. I saw lots of Carmel Apples and got to have one. Not quote Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, but it will do.
6. Northern Accents. They were cool for at least a day.
7. Easy drive to coastline. And amazingly gorgeous coastline.
8. Home of the XV Beacon. Need I say more.
9. Unlike popular belief, not everybody likes Obama up there.
10. So many beautiful gardens and parks for me to visit.
11. Love your aquarium. Take good care of those penguins.
12. They think everything is haunted and that makes for good times for me.
13. They have almost got mass transit perfected and for that I applaud them.

1. CVS on every corner. Love you CVS but not that much, though you were conveniently everywhere we were at when we needed you.
2. Dunken Donuts on every corner. We enjoyed your hot chocolate and donuts but we didn't need to see you every five min.
3. Not many good places to eat :( or did we just have bad luck.
4. Most towns are kinda old and ghetto looking. I think it was the style of the buildings and the fact that they were so old. Oh well. Still loved the place.
5. It is wayyy too expensive to visit some of your islands.
6. People are not very nice in Boston. I almost believe the guy when he said their license plate said Massachusetts because they were all Mass holes. k bad joke on his part but he was an interesting guy and he will make a good story for another time. Point is, we met more strange, wierd, annoying, and not nice people, than nice people. It was sad.
7. Either everybody needs to follow the road signs or nobody needs to. There can be none of this half and half. I need to know how safe I am going to be, if I need to follow the road signs, etc. Please make a decisions.
8. Did the fact that smoking can kill, miss the state of Massachusetts. I have never seen so many people smoke in my life. It was actually rather disgusting. And if you are 12 you probably really shouldn't be smoking. And if your standing in a crowd of people, please don't light up. At least have the decency to go off to the side. Though you may not know it, not everybody smokes or wants to inhale your smoke.
9. Even the secretaries in the hospitals are mean. Nobody likes to visit the hospital, can they at least act pleasant towards us.
10. They have signs for everything. Signs on every corner repeating everything. Even a million signs saying that 200 kids live in the area so be careful when you drive. Never a bad thing, but they just need to remember that the most important signs are those signs identifying location so I know what road I am on and where the road I need to turn down is at.

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