Monday, October 5, 2009

We Got Our Apartment

So its onto finding ways to store all our stuff in a small apartment, making the best use of space, and figuring out how to decorate.

Some of my favorite solutions Ive found as of yet:

Pretty cool but would not work for me and Jon. Plus I don't usually collect magazines.

This is one problem we don't have to solve, at least not at this point, but I love the idea.

"I've updated this classic look with storage units, cable-suspended glass shelving, a glass-front cabinet, patio lighting, and that ultimate bathroom luxury: small speakers hooked up to the living-room stereo."
- Daniel P. Simmons.

Amazing, though we can only do so much as we are renting our apartment!

So, none of these solutions work for us, but its a good start.

Anyone out there have any great ideas? Things they have done or seen?

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  1. oooh i should do the thing in the second photo......hmmm....