Thursday, October 22, 2009


I told myself I would not facebook or blogg on my honeymoon but due to the amount of time we have spent in our hotel room chilling, I am breaking that promise. I just wanted to write a very short post to let you know what I will be writing about when I get back from my honeymoon.

-a water main break in our marriage "venue." Thankfully, as we got married in my church's temple, this had a happy outcome.
-a visit to the hospital while on the honeymoon. Needles, blades, blood anyone? Gotta love painkillers.
-rain on wedding day+cold+stress = being sick on honeymoon
-a reception the night before. Fun but didn't exactly get us to our hotel that much sooner on our wedding day.
- an amazing and beautiful reception and wedding day. So there is some positive in all of this.

So most of this sounds negative but it just means that I have some awesome stories to share. And while everything has been hard, and may just get harder for a bit, I do not regret anything and am excited for what's to come.

Hopefully I can post pictures soon too.

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  1. Oh no, I can't believe your wedding was scheduled the week of the water main break. We were planning to go to a session the day it happened. Glad it all worked out okay though.