Wednesday, October 28, 2009


15 Beacon Hotel is a luxury boutique hotel on Beacon Street. Beacon street being an old street in Boston with cobble stone walkways and beautiful buildings. We wanted to spend 1 night in a really nice hotel and after much searching online, we had narrowed it down to a few nice looking ones. We called all and said that we were going on our honeymoon and what could they do for us. We ended up choosing 15 Beacon because they offered us a room upgrade. Basically, we choose any room we wanted and they upgraded us to the next most expensive one for free. I believe we ended up with a corner studio. We had no clue what to expect but as soon as I walked out of the taxi I was in love.

Why? Because someone stood over me with an umbrella while I walked to the canopy so that I wouldn't get wet. Then we were informed at the desk that we could check out cars for free if we needed on. Then our room was amazing. It included the following:

phone, tv, rainforest shower and whirlpool tub, heated towel rack - the sink was right outside the door, with large mirrors and storage space.
Closet: safe, bathrobes (one of my requirements. loved them), hangers, umbrellas
Room: sound system that even reached bathroom, nice television, two phones, nice desk and couch, fireplace, great adjustable lighting, lots of windows for a great view of the city, etc. etc.
Hallway: a bowl of oranges to eat. yum!

Soon after we got there they dropped by with chocolate covered strawberries and a note to congratulate us. Yummy strawberries.

We enjoyed the room so much we only went outside for a short walk to find dinner. It was cold, rainy, snowy, so we didn't even end up finding dinner, and turned around and ate at the hotels restaurant Mooo. Mooo is a steakhouse connected to the hotel. We enjoyed it for the most part. The clam chowder was amazingggggg. Jon orders it a lot and it was the first time we got it with whole clams. So good. Their rolls were also exquisite. The salmon Jon ordered was delicious though I didn't eat too much of it. I only ordered asparagus and these koby beef dumplings. The asparagus was sooooo yummy. I love asparagus a lot. The dumplings though were expensive and not that good to me. They lacked a real flavor in my opinion. That was a bit of a dissapointment but it could be my fault for getting so used to strong flavors by putting hot sauce on everything. I left before dessert so I didn't get to try it but it was a brownie with vanilla ice cream on top with carmel I believe. Jon approved. Overall, more money then I would have liked to spend on what we got, and the service was a bit slow because they were busy, but a good meal and great atmosphere.

But back to the hotel. Not everything was perfect. My short list of complaints are as follows:

The faucets were too hard to turn off
The tv wasn't working correctly and the problem never got solved
Too many pillows - one was enough because they were so fluffy (wierd complaint and really shouldn't even count but im struggling here for complaints)
When we asked about dinner the guy pointed us to the right and we couldn't find anything fast enough. Come to find out later that there were restaurants on the left. Woops!

I feel like I had more complaints but I guess not. If I remember any more I will let you know.

When we left the hotel we were almost home sick within minutes. It was the nicest place either one of us had stayed in to date, and we knew it would be a while before we experienced that type of life again. It was soo enjoyable. I would 100% recommend this hotel to anybody, especially if they are going on their honeymoon so pass the word along. We plan to try and stay there again sometime in the future for our anniversary but until then, I love you XV Beacon and miss you.




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