Friday, October 30, 2009


After spending one night in Boston, we took the bus to Salem. We stayed at The Inn On Washington Square because supposedly its haunted and and Jon are creeps. I enjoyed our stay there but am not sure if I would recommend it for anyone on their honeymoon if you want a place that feels romantic and we weren't sure it was worth the price. Also, the rooms were a bit more crowded with stuff then I would have liked, with no central theme, and the bathroom was pretty small.

As for the haunted part, we often heard really strange strange noises that would go on through out the night. Are they from ghosts? I can't say they are, they could just have been normal house noises. But they creeped Jon out sufficiently enough that he couldn't sleep sometimes. So the Inn definitely had the right effect. And they would leave us orange juice and muffins for breakfast. Best muffins I have ever had. So delicious. And the Inn felt pretty exclusive to me. We never ran into any of the other guests that were staying there. um maybe there were no other guests... or none that were alive.....????

We thought Salem was awesome. In October, Halloween is its focus. Halloween and everything Halloween related like ghosts, witches, pirates (not sure how this fits exactly). Apparently the day of Halloween is going to be crazzzzyyy there and I believe it. Two weeks before it, and its already feeling up with strange people in costumes. I quite enjoyed seeing it all though. We didn't do as much in Boston as we would have liked, due to unforeseen issues, but what we did do, we quite enjoyed.

Things we loved:

- Count Orlok's Nightmare Gallery was all about monsters from horror movies. I haven't seen so many of the old horror movies but I still really enjoyed this museum and it has made me want to watch more of the classics.
- 3d haunted house. This was short, maybe not worth the cost, but still really fun.
- Witches Brew Cafe : this was one of our better meals of the trip. It's a simple but delicious menu and good service. I actually miss it. Its kinda off the beating path but a guy who was associated with the ghost tours guided us there.
- At the small mall they have there, they have one of those photo places where they dress you up in costumes and take pictures. I, unfortunately, can only make 2 faces on command and thus ruined half the pictures but it was still really fun.
-We did the Salem Night Tour one night. I think Jon didn't like how much history it included, he wants the ghost, the action, but it was still really quite enjoyable. It taught us a lot about the Salem Witch Trial history, which we sadly did not have time to do more of while in Salem.

What we didn't like as much:
-Rockefellers : Some of our food was pretty good but not all of it and the services was horrible.
- We went to some random haunted house. It was okay but not worth the price. I find a lot of things in Salem are expensive considering how long the activity actually takes, but you just have to get past the cost and enjoy yourself.

The greatest thing about Salem is how small it is. Its very intimate and its so easy to walk everywhere. So whether you take the bus there, or drive there, you won't need much transportation after you get there. Another thing I loved is all the history there. I wish we had had more time for it as I did not quite realize before going there, how gruesome the Salem Witch History really is. It made me and Jon want to study up on it more and see what they didn't teach us in school.

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