Friday, March 8, 2013

A Few New Pictures

One of my only mirror belly pictures.  Jon bought me that bathing suit when we were dating (almost 5 years ago).  It happens to be the only bathing suit I own that keeps me decently modest at the beach right now.  Best purchase ever.  Good thing we got married and hes the babies daddy. 

Delicious snow cones.  Best part was when we got to the vanilla ice cream on the bottom. Yum! 

Jon mentioned once that he noticed flowers will randomly pop up and then disappear here, almost day by day.  I had no idea what he meant until one day this big flower just appeared in front of our condo. 

Just a random picture of the beach I like to hang out at.  Taking a break from that though because I am apparently really awful at applying sunscreen on my too white, now red, back.  Gotta wait until Jon is around to apply it for me. 

Just a random picture of Jon that I happen to really like despite the not perfect quality. 

Picture from my first time seeing the beach at night.  Only took me a few weeks. 

A gorgeous flower by the temple. 

The view from the temple. 

A random Brazilian food truck.  Jon's new favorite thing!

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  1. haha just a random beach you like to hang out at? I wish i had a random beach i could hang out at.