Sunday, March 24, 2013

I'm Growing Up

My philosophy in life regarding bed making was always that it was a waste of time.  People spent precious time on something that was just going to be undone within the same day.  But that doesn't mean I didn't appreciate and enjoy going into a hotel room and seeing a bed nicely made just for me.  But as a day to day chore, no way, not for me.

But the hubby was always throwing out comments regarding bed making.  "Oh, it was so nice to go to bed tonight in a bed that had been made."  Or, even better,  "how are we going to teach our kids to make their beds if we never do?"  You get the gist.  (Trust me when I say that I have plenty of witty remarks for him regarding this subject but I will abstain from publishing them here. You can thank me later hubby!)

Well one day, I may have randomly decided to make the bed.  And then the next day I did it again.  And I just kept doing it, every day after.  It did kind of look nice, it didn't really take that long, and the hubby was very vocal about his appreciation.  Why not keep doing it?

It's been roughly a week since I have started and I have yet to miss a day.  And that is huge people.  HUGE!  I am at present undoing years of beliefs and behavior.  Just ask my mom, my roommates, my hubby.  Probably no one can remember a time I have made a bed two days in a row, let alone everyday for a week.  And you know what?  I have been enjoying it.  The bedroom feels more organized and looks more neat and I don't have to untangle the bedding at night when I want to sleep.  It's great.

I may now be feeling some guilt regarding my previous behavior*.  I may feel bad for my mom because I refused to make the bed and she had to live with it.  For my roommates who had to share a small room with me and that unmade bed.  I am so sorry!  I hope it didn't throw you off your groove too much.

But on the other hand,  this chore never was, and never will be for me, a necessity.  It's certainly not a chore related to hygiene or cleanliness.  It's not a must, like the dishes, the laundry, and cleaning the bathroom.  It's just a nice little blessing in life.  I can easily see myself reverting back to my old philosophy as soon at the baby arrives.  For survival reasons.  So it will be interesting to see what happens.  Will my kids learn to make their beds?

Oh, and I was thinking about posting a picture but to be perfectly honest, when you have rarely done something in your life,  there is a major learning curve involved once you start.  I doubt my bed really looks as nice as I think it does.  I have a lot to learn regarding bed making.  A LOT to learn.  But how do you learn something like that?

*Really, I don't have too much guilt.  I made have had a little trick to prevent a super messy bed.  One I developed later in my teenage years.  A trick that no longer worked once I was sharing the bed with someone else who had different sleeping methods then me.  I always liked sleeping with tons of bedding.  It was warm and comfortable.  But what I started doing was sleeping on top of a bunch of the bedding for comfort, and underneath a few of my favorite and warmest blankets and quilts.  This method not only kept me warm and uber comfortable, but it meant only a blanket or two was sort of out of place come morning time.  My bed wasn't quite the mess it became when I got married and had to start sleeping underneath all the blankets and sheets.  I actually quite miss sleeping like that but with marriage comes change.  Sometimes you just have to grow up!  Kind of a bummer but whatever. 

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