Thursday, March 28, 2013

Hawaii Update: Manoa Falls Hike

Last Saturday we did the Manoa Falls hike.  We almost didn't go because of the weather but I was in need of an adventure so we went anyways.  Here are some pictures:

Just one of the many random chickens that wander the island. 

The hike takes you through the rainforest.  It tends to rain here because it's a rainforest but on the particular day we went, it was a pretty rainy day for most of the island. 

We walked past some really strange but cool plants. 

Me in all my wannabe gangster glory.  Or...more like my husbands shorts because my own don't fit.  The umbrella was so worth it but made me look like a total nube and tourist. 

The hike takes you to a really tall waterfall.  It's pretty but also kind of wimpy looking. 

The glorious mud we had to hike through.  It was especially muddy because of the rain we were getting that day, but I doubt it ever really dries up unless there is an extended dry spell.  Very slippery and there were too many people unprepared for it and wearing shoes and flip flops with  no traction. 

A little on the dark side but I still like this picture.  You can't tell but he was so soaked.  He had the waterproof bag, I didn't, so I got the umbrella.  Poor hubby.

Another picture of the waterfall from a different angle. 

A random door. 

Another really weird plant. 

The heart rock.

Gorgeous trees.

And of course, just as we were finishing the hike, the sun came out and the rain stopped. 

Random notes: 

There were a lot of pretty draping vines with flowers growing on them.  Gorgeous but impossible for our camera to photograph. 

The internet makes it sound like the easiest hike ever and claims it's only a mile.  I tend to disagree with that but it wasn't strenuous either. 

The waterfall is wimpy but the hike is gorgeous and doesn't take too much time so totally worth doing on your next visit. 

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