Tuesday, March 26, 2013

I Don't Believe

Just because I can and because it might give you some insight into my quirky self, here is a list of 25 things I don't believe in.

I don't believe in:

processed foods, except for the couple dozen different items I can't seem to stop eating.  One day I will be stronger.  Processed foods will not win!!!!

hashtagging on Facebook. #keepittotwitter #itdoesn'tmakeyoucool #amievendoingthisright

diet soda.

trends.  I like beautiful, fun, delicious, amazing things.  If it happens to be trendy as well, then so be it.  But cool doesn't mean trendy.  And being trendy doesn't automatically mean your cool.

reading the same book twice.  Doesn't mean I haven't or wont ever do so, but there are too many books and life is too short for me to read the same book twice.

eating hotdogs for breakfast.  There are many foods I either have or would eat for breakfast if it came down to it, but hotdogs are not included in that list.  Sick!

reading a book just because everybody else is.  Too many people have wasted too much time reading too many lame books because the book made it to the top of some random list that month.

donuts without holes.  Unless it's a donut hole.

stick shifts.

eating cake and/or ice cream for breakfast.  It's one thing to sneak a spoonful, another to straight out eat it, and only it, for breakfast.  (Speaking of which, in college, instead of putting sugar in my cereal, if I had leftover vanilla ice cream, I would put a small scoopful of that in the cereal instead.  So delicious.)

sitcoms.  I know!  I am such a looser.

leggings on their own.  They are NOT the same thing as pants.

iTunes.  It's the only thing keeping me away from Apple products.

idolizing celebrities.  They just end up letting you down.  People need to look elsewhere for their heroes.

juicing diets/fasts.

video games.  They have their place and time but overall I despise them.  They are ruining society.

over extravagant holidays.

tanning unless its very natural and you are wearing sunscreen.  Beauty is not worth cancer.  And often fake tanning or over tanning doesn't even equal beauty.  Just the color orange.

men getting away with not taking care of their feet just because they are men.  If you have dry feet, lotion them.  It won't make you any less of a man.  Promise!

socks and sandals worn together.

super cheap bras and skipping professional fittings.  Sizing is important and often wrong if you try to figure it out on your own.

long movies.  I don't have many favorite movies that are more than two hours long.  No Lord of the Rings marathons for me, thank you very much (poor hubby).

long board games.  Obviously I have an attention issue or something.  So no Life, Monopoly, Risk, etc., for me.

driving slower than the speed limit.  Has to be against the law somewhere.  If not, it should be.

Old Navy flip flops though my hubby does happen to own a pair.  Another random thought:  I personally do not find men attractive in flip flops.

And that folks is my list.  It changes all the time though as I experience and learn new things so please don't hold this list against me for any reason.  If somehow I offended you, just blow it off and tell yourself I am crazy (but still awesome).

If anybody feels like commenting with a list of things they don't believe in, even if it goes against everything I just wrote, feel free to.  I would love to read it.  But please note that this list is purposefully absent of any serious and very personal topics, such as politics and religion, so please keep it that way.  Thank you! 

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