Friday, January 23, 2009

The Crazy Dream I Had Last Night

So I was in the middle of sleeping when I had the most craziest dream that interrupted my sleep and freaked the day lights out of me.

I was outside and all of a sudden an alligator appears. I try and get away but for some reason I cant walk or run. So I start to crawl away but as you can image, I knew I was not going fast enough. Well I get to a neighbors back yard that is a hill and there is a boy and a girl there. I don't remember who they are but the boy tries to get me to stand so I can run but it doesn't work so I crawl with his help as fast as I can to this structure. It has stairs to a landing and then more stairs to another landing. I get as high as possible and think I'm safe. Then all of a sudden there are more and more alligators and they are on the structure. And one literally about snaps my face off, I can still picture it, and I scream "dear heavenly father please save me" and then the boy or should I say young man yells "By the power of the Almighty God stop these alligators." And they all disappear and we are safe again.

So while the dream freaked me out it got me thinking. Would I actually think to call on God at a time like that? Would I have the faith the young man had? I hope I can. But hope is never enough. I will have to continually work to get to the point where I can have such faith. And if you think of those alligators as the unsafe and evil things in the world, I hope I'm not continually close enough to them that I could get eaten alive in a spiritual sense. And that is yet another reason to continually work to get my testimony stronger and myself farther and farther away from the boarders between that which is of God and that which is not.

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