Friday, January 16, 2009

The Dentist

So i recently got on insurance again. YAY! Well I needed to go the dentist and the doctor for check ups. I had a cavity found last time that was never taken care of do to being kicked of my parents insurance and I was scared that it would need to be fixed before April, when the part of my insurance that will cover that kicks in. Well I learned a few things at the dentist today. First, the gums on the upper right part of my mouth where it is really sensitive are receading a bit. This can be fixed with a simple application of some type of mouth wash or something. I have to buy Phos-flur and twice a week tip a q-tip in it and then hold the q-tip to that part of my gums. Apprently it should heal. Secondly I can wait tell April. Yay! So no spending lots of money on my teath. Last of all I need to floss more. I have an ongoing fight with flossing. I used to be really bad at it and I have continually tried to get better and will continue to try. And the dentist says if I do I will keep my good teach for a lot longer as I get older. The bone in my mouth looks healthy still though so thats a good sign. But the lovely lady said the word floss like a million times so I know from here on out I will have no problem remembering to floss.

Another lesson I learned a few years ago. Brush in a circle. So simple yet I never knew it. I dont know if I brush in a circle. I try when I remember but when I dont remember I dont know if Ido it. Hopefully its a yes.

Well tomorrow I go the eye doctor. Which is where my medical coverage completely fails me. I may have to spend upwards to 350 dollars to get an exam and new glasses b/c I can't wear my glasses much anymore. Ugh. Oh well. Wish me luck.

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