Monday, January 26, 2009

Say What?

First and Foremost the important stuff:

1. This lovely website that I was emailed about in December called cleanflicksdvds is going out of business so if anybody wanted edited movies for cheap than order in the next 3 days. Movies that I want include Death Sentence, 28 Days Later, the Patriot, and 3:20 to Yuma.
2. I got my first smoothie at the Nordstroms Cafe. It was the tropical pomegranate smoothie. I passed the sign and decided I just had to try it. I think I will be going back often and I recommend it.
3. Hollister has a lot of their winter stuff on sale and I got the most comfortable shirt there for $10.
4. I was educated in two games this weekend thanks to my friends Brooke and Scott. The first is Blokus. I like strategy games that are not longer than a half hour so it was perfect. The second game was Pass the Pigs. Go to Pass the Pigs to play. I can't wait to become the master of these two games.

So though many wont care here is what I did this weekend:

Friday night I had a dress rehearsal for a fashion show in relief society. I hope all girls come out for enrichment on the 7th as a lot of work has been put into this activity. Me and Jon and Laura went to Walmart after and got me a lock for the gym since its about time I use the locker room and than got frutistas at Taco Bell. Yummyyyy!!! We tried first to get slurpees but 7ll has been letting me down in that area. Saturday I went to the eye doctor again, went to the gym (reminder to me: never go after swim class. To many old ladies in locker room), went grocery shopping, went to the mall to return a sweater and ended up spending most of the money I got back, hung with Jacqui and introduced Stomp the Yard to her,made enchiladas and then me and Jon hung with Brook and Scott (see # 4 in list above). It was a long, busy, but very fun Saturday. Sunday was church and relaxing with Jon and his family.

Finally from this weekend is the strange dream I had last night. I should just start a dream journal but since I haven't yet here it goes:

I live in my house with a guy who I assume i'm dating or married to and a little boy who I don't believe was my boy but was my significant others little boy. We get this phone call warning us that the enemy were going to come and get us. And when I say enemy I mean an opposing group, perhaps political, that was made of one man and a bunch of evil monkey like animals. So I tell the other two that we need to pack and leave. I go into my room and start packing stuff. I stuff one bag of clothes and I spend some time trying to figure out what else to take and decide to take a bag with my electronics like my camera and phone. I then look out the window and see these evil kangaroos from another group start to kill and kidnap people. Well the little boy had finished packing and is on the computer which is by my room. I turn around to talk to him and there is one of the kangaroos there. I start to fight with it and we end up killing it with a shovel or gun, I don't remember which. I am then waiting for everyone to finish what they need to do before we leave so I go to the restroom. I purposefully go to the restroom that has windows so I can watch outside. All of a sudden a group of people that are being used to round up others comes into the house and pass the bathroom which is basically surrounded by glass so they see me going to the bathroom. They proceed to pass so I can finish my business.

Well then, luckily to because I am pretty sure we were about to be captured, the dream changes to where I am with my husband (same guy as in the last scene but I have no idea who he is in real life)in bed and all of a sudden this old lady comes out of the bathroom and starts saying creepy things. My husband freaks and leaves the room. And then another person appears and also is very creepy. Finally they leave and my husband comes back. He then proceeds to apologize for freaking out and says that hes been seeing dead people. So yes those creepy people were ghosts.

And that's all I can remember. Strange huh?

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