Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Below is a list of significant things that have occurred

1. I spent almost 400$ on my eyes. Ouch! Stupid Eyes! I am so blind! This is significant for reasons other than me being blind. I am also going broke.
2. I got Jon to join the Gym. This is significant because I can go to the gym more often, or so I think.
3. My Dad is going to be gone another 2 weeks. This is significant b/c I sleep better when he is gone as his office is right beside my room.
4. My coworker accused me of sleeping with the boss. This is significant b/c he has been gone out of the country for 3 months so its pretty much impossible. This is also significant because it has confirmed my sneaking suspicion that she is psycho.
5. Jon ordered a bunch of edited movies so now we can watch some of the best movies out there. This is significant because we are running out of movies to watch.
6. I was suckered into a fashion show. This is significant because do I look like I belong in a fashion show. Uh NO!!!
7. I got a free Forbes magazine in the mail. This is significant because I want to learn how the Rich people do it. I am willing to share the secrets too for only 5 $. Ive gotta make up for the cost of my blindness somehow.

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