Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Oh No Not Another Wedding Blog

News : I am back to planning my wedding. Jon and I have finally picked a date and are getting married in October. Yay! I have already done tons of research & already have a dress so hopefully I can keep myself from going nuts in the next few months. But I doubt it. Too many decisions to be made still.

I like modern and classic things. I like planning with the seasons. I want everything, yet nothing, as hard as it may be. And I want my wedding reception style to follow this. And I want a very informal yet nice reception (in otherwords lots of food...I love food).

As we don't want to spend much more than 3000 (minus my dress and possibly photography) we are trying to do as much as we can with little. So far we think my families friend will be making the food (just gotta confirm that) so that should save us at least 400$ if we shop correctly. We are also going to attempt to make our own invitations before we buy them. Who knows whats going to happen though so I will have to let you know the outcome of this. And I found a tiara I like for only 30$ which though it may seem like a lot, is the best price Ive found yet for what I like. Just gotta purchase it in the next few days. So far so good. I will probably not share all my wedding decisions with you but probably a lot of them as they usually excite me.

I love reading the blogs of "eco-friendly brides." I disagree with most of their politics but have nothing against the fact that they are trying to save money and recycle. Plus they seem like fun people. And I have found lots of good ideas already. This cake stand being one of them. One of my favorite blogs to get ideas from had a 2000 dollar budget. EEK! I also adore this wedding. I'll share more later.

Well in the next few months, I am going to try and blog about my life as usual, but the wedding might semi take this over as it will become my life for the next 3 1/2 months.

I'm sure I'll enjoy your wedding despite not enjoying any other wedding I've ever been to
This is how kind of how I feel about receptions. I don't enjoy most. But so be it. Ill be married an probably wont even care about my reception.

Wish Me Luck!!!


  1. I'm very excited for you to have picked a date. Where are you guys getting married? ~Britni

  2. We will be getting married in the D.C. Temple. Date to be confirmed when the temple gives us the go ahead.