Monday, June 1, 2009

Quick Weekend Update Splashed With A Bit Of Humor

I found this funny. And this one too.

This weekend was a rather good but busy one. Friday, Jon and I went and saw Star Trek at the Imax. As I am not at all versed in the old series, some of the movie went over my head but I still really enjoyed it and would watch it again.

Saturday we got up bright and early and hiked Old Rag with Scott and Brooke! I had my doubts about the hike because I heard it was hard, and those doubts only strengthened when they said half of it was uphill and that you had to climb over rocks. I am not going to lie I was scared to go on the hike. Scared it would kick my butt. In the end I made it and it ended up being easier to go uphill than downhill. Usually downhill is way easy for me but this time my legs hurt so bad going down and the constant thumping on the ground only made the pain worse. Plus it was 4.5 miles of going downhill. Uphill was also long, and the fake outs of reaching our destination were not cool, but the rocks were actually fun to climb through, over, and under. I much enjoyed the rock climbing part of it. I also enjoyed the gorgeous view from the look out points and the top. So beautiful with all the green trees below. We ran into a Young Womens group preparing for their long hike this summer. Luckily they let us through because they were going pretty slow but it was funny running into them. Good Luck Girls!!! In the end my legs hurt really bad the rest of the evening and into Sunday and Monday but hiking the 10+ miles was totally worth it and I would consider doing it again.

I look horrible as I am wearing a boy sweater b/c it was cold and my
glasses because something is wrong with my eyes. So please excuse me.

Afterward we had a few hours free before friends came over to watch Taken. I made Jon and my sister fettuccine Alfredo with salad and Wegmans rolls as the sides. All of the food was pretty good but I ate way too much.

Sunday we had a full day of Church, a class after church, family dinner, and a quick trip to the temple. I am thankful for many things from that day. I am thankful for all those who prepared talks and lessons and from the spirit that we were able to feel. I am thankful for my dad and the steak, sausage, corn and tomato/cucumber/onion salad he made. All of it was very good and made for delicious leftovers. I am thankful that Jon and I had a chance to go and just sit on temple grounds and do some studying. I need to remember that I can partake of the temple without going inside and hope I can go more often. Hopefully next time it wont be so windy and cold.

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