Monday, June 8, 2009


I went on a quick road trip to South Carolina this weekend. For all who don't live out here, it is about a 9-10 hr road trip so for a weekend trip thats a ways to go. But my uncle asked us to come down this weekend so my mom and sister and I did. I ended up having a lot of fun. We got to make a quick trip to the beach, that had way warmer water than Virginia Beach and we got to see my Aunt and Uncle and cousin Tiffany. Oh and Tiffany's fiance Chris. Hes one of the nicest guys ever and hes way cute so I am soo happy for her.

Highlights from the road trip:

-listening to oldies, John Denver, and church music with my mom.
-all the quotes from the road trip that made us laugh but that we will never remember
-when my mom called the burger king cute.
-when my mom wouldn't let us open the door or window at the motel for fear we would get raped.
-seeing Tiffany again. It had been far to long and I love her so much.
-driving 80-90 miles per hours in my dads Honda. I no longer love my car as much after driving his car. Its so nice.
-having to drive aggressively to get places faster.
-my mom checking out all the cars. There were some nice ones Id have to admit.
-the black dude at the gas station (story for another time)
-seeing my mom enjoy the water at the beach so much. I had no clue she loved the waves so much.
-all the times we got lost.
-all the sweet houses and scenery in South Caroline.
-the weather and how it would rain one second and stop another second (it never rained for very long so we didn't have to plan our schedules around it). how you could see it raining over the ocean. how it would rain when it was sunny.
-the guy who taught Sunday school who looked like General Lee. When Jon is old he needs to grow facial hair like that dude. So attractive.

Keeping ourselves entertained on the long drive.

Another great moment from our trip : This statue. It made all of us do a double take multiple times.

The Beach!!!

This is the best picture I could take while driving and it just doesn't do the place justice but parts of South Carolina is soo pretty.

My mom taking a much needed rest.

I have one special thank you to give out : mom thank you for all the entertainment you provided on this trip. I learned so much about you on this trip. But as our uncle says "your the same old JoAnn."

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