Wednesday, June 24, 2009

You Already Knew That???

I hate when you get so excited about something you learned so you go and tell everyone and come to find out your the only one that never knew it.

I was reading beauty tips on RealSimple.Com and learned that you are not to use conditioner on all your hair. Just on the tips, or from the ear down. It makes your hair less flat and wont give you that greasy look.

How was I the only one that never knew this? Was I once told it and just forgot??? Answer me people!

There are stupid questions
And I am usually the one that asks them....


  1. actually i didn't know that! thanks for sharing!!!

  2. I knew that but don't really listen to it because then it could dry out your scalp.

  3. I too learned this lesson the hard way. And props for the someecards, love 'em!