Thursday, January 13, 2011

Finding Laughter in the Comment Sections

Sometimes I enjoy reading peoples comments on news articles. Sometimes they make me laugh with their overly sarcastic remarks. This article is one of those.

To the following people, thanks for making me laugh today:

Mike M

Simple. Shovel out your car, get it out of the spot, then pile the snow back onto the spot. Presto – the spot will likely be there for you when you come back!


I usually drive around and collect anything left in the road, such as cones and chairs, I assume they are trash that people put in the street because they don’t want them. Right after a snowstorm, the streets are full of gold! Keep giving me your stuff, I will keep taking it!

P.S. A little advice to anyone that can't stand bad grammar and spelling. Don't read the comment sections of articles. The worst of the worst, like me, write there.

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