Monday, January 3, 2011

Personal Goals


And with each new year comes new goals. Though I sometimes wonder what the point is of setting goals at the beginning of each year, as they often just fall through the cracks, I have decided to make some once again.

I had already started making my list when I ran into this blog post: 111 New Years Resolutions and Tools To Make Them a Reality. I have decided to expand my list of goals and organize them a bit like that post.

Diet and Exercise:

- Start exercising twice a week to get rid of pent up stress.
- Get to the point where I easily drink 7 glasses of water a day for health reasons.
- Once again, reduce the amount of sugar and junk food I eat.
- Start to eat more vegetables and fruit again.

Work :

- Give my best effort at work.
- Continually look for new things to learn.
- Be successful at my job so I can feel good about it, not because I am hoping to get a better position.

Education and Learning:

- Read at least 25 books. I easily accomplished and went beyond my goal last year but this year it will be harder with a job. I started a small book club with my friend though so hopefully that will help. Let me know if you have an interest in joining. I feel that a lot of book clubs read the books that are popular at the moment, and while I don't mind reading those books, I want to expand to other realms. We started our own so we can read whatever we feel like it. Right now we are reading a classic.
- Stay up to date on current events.
- Expand my cooking knowledge.
- Learn something new.

Family and personal relationship:

- Write a letter to someone different each month. This is also to hopefully better my handwriting.
- Regular date nights with the hubby.
- Get rid of the negatives in my personal relationship with others without totaly destroying friendships.
- Do more kind things for my husband and be less judgmental of his faults.

Self Improvement:

- Be more positive.
- Have more patience.
- Learn to be content with myself.


- Pray and study the gospel each day.
- Do my calling to the best of my ability. We got put in nursery again. We have already been in it for almost a year. A big part of me is not excited at all but I will try and do my best and learn to love those children.
- Attend the LDS temple more often as it brings me joy and peace. 
- Write in my journal 5 things I am thankful for each week.


- Decrease spending.
- SAVE!!!!


- Start looking for a home and hopefully purchase one by the end of the year.
- Make it out west for a much needed visit to family.
- Write in my journal at least once a week.

Those are a lot of goals but hopefully I will be successful in most of them.

I wanted to post about how I did on my 2010 goals, but I can't seem to find where I wrote them down. Epic failure right there. At least I know I met my book reading goal.


  1. I WANNA BE IN THE BOOK CLUB!! (Why on earth did I not hear about this earlier?)

    Also, I think I am going to steal some of your resolutions. I usually think resolutions are crap, cause its so hard to follow through.. but yours are really good and also realistic. Miss you.

  2. I love your list! Good luck with them, you have got really good ones.
    Thanks for the link it, it's a awesome website.