Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Review: Sprint Evo

Remember how I got the Evo phone last year? Well I am finally going to give my quick review of the phone.


- It has 4G. When we get 4G (see discussion about it in the next section) the phone is amazing and works super fast. This was a major plus for my husband. It also allows you to watch Sprint t.v.

- I love it, because as with many smart phones, it can be used as an iPod and a Kindle. I have it all on one piece of technology.

- Apps are a huge plus for me. I had a crappy smart phone before that didn't have many apps. This one allows me access church material, Pandora, games, and educational material, much like the Iphone.

- My husband had the Iphone but wanted to switch to the Evo because it allows you to do more with your phone and personalize it. Apple is very strict about what you can do with their technology and usually people just end up jail breaking them. The Evo doesn't really have that problem.

- I finally have facebook, blogger, and my email at my fingertips. I had limited internet access with my old phone but I hated using it because I was already paying enough to Verizon without the data  charges.

- The Sprints plan is great. We get unlimited everything for about the same price as what we paid for on our previous bills (I didn't have unlimited). Actually, we get it much cheaper because Sprint gives great discounts to the company Jon works for.

-The swype texting. Makes texting fast and fun.


- The 4G network is not very strong in many areas. Thus we are paying an extra 10$ for 4G, though we don't usually get it. This is okay though because it is still cheaper than our bill with Verizon.

- I find it hard to hang up calls sometime. While I was looking for a job I accidentally called the place where I now work. I freaked and instead of saying anything, I decided to hang up. Except for I couldn't get to the screen that would allow me to hang up so the call lasted for a couple mins. with a guy on the other end saying "Hello. Hello. You there?" over and over. It was embarrassing. I haven't admitted to the person yet that that was me. I am getting better with this though.

- In order to really control all the different volumes, you have to install an app. It's a pain not being able to do it quickly with a button but the app. is still great.

- The camera is a 1/4 as good as the new Iphone and my old Verizon phone.

-The BATTERY. It drains so super fast. I have been tempted to buy a better battery but it helps that you can also charge it using a computer.

-Because the touch is extra sensitive compared to my old phone, I sometimes hang up calls or press mute with my ear or cheek.

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  1. I liked reading your review. I've been thinking about whether or not to get this phone when I am eligible for an upgrade. I'll have to talk to you more about it at some point to help me decide if I should get it or not.