Sunday, January 2, 2011

Post Christmas Shopping

I love after Christmas sales so I always save some personal money up to go shopping then. This year I bought:

My best find. So comfy and cute. A & F : $10

2 of these Polo shirts in navy and bright pink : $13 each at Polo Outlet

A Puma jacket. Mine doesn't look like this one though. Mine is black with PUMA written across the chest & I don't think mine has a hood. : $25

See them here. Thanks for the suggestion Jocelyn. They were a bit pricey (though the price you see on the website is not what I paid) but I am paying half with some money I got from work as a Christmas gift, and the other half is part of my Christmas present as I had to return a few gifts Jon got me. I just hope that they fit. I shall see soon enough when they come in.

To Jana:  I wear a size 7 in everything but heels. With high heels I have to go down half a size sometimes.

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