Saturday, April 13, 2013

A Few Unimportant Pictures

Nothing frustrates me more than the cockroaches I keep finding in the cabinet where the plates and bowls are stored.  Makes for a lot of yelling and a  lot of dishes that need to be washed. 

These don't look that great but the dark color comes from the chocolate coconut peanut butter I used in them.  They are chocolate coconut peanut butter oatmeal cookies with chocolate chunks in them.  I actually chopped up Dove chocolate for these cookies because I was having a hard time finding good chocolate chips.  Come to find out, the place with the best selection is the local drugstore.  Weird!  I need to make a trip to Whole Foods soon I think and see what they have.  If I am going to have to spend a small fortune on chocolate chips while in Hawaii I might as well find the best the island has to offer. 

Finally got to use my popcorn maker that a friend gifted me back in December.  Love it!  I hate store bought popcorn so it's nice to be able to make my own.  Just used popcorn kernels, coconut oil, and some sea salt. Yum!  Thanks Jocelyn for the fun gift. 

I may have butchered my hand peeling potatoes for dinner on Sunday.  Ouch!  But the potatoes got peeled and that's what counts...I think.  Jon kept offering to take over because he was afraid I was going to loose a finger.  I was a bit afraid too but refused to give in to the darn potato peeler.   

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