Friday, April 5, 2013

Gestational Diabetes Test

I was so relieved when I found out I didn't have to fast for the glucose test.  Even more relieved when the drink only tasted like over sugared orange soda.  Not so relieved when I failed it and had to take the extended glucose test.  The one where you have to fast for 8+ hours and get your blood drawn 4 times over the span of 3 hours (during which you just chill at the doctors office).  Even less relieved when I started drinking the drink and it wasn't over sugared orange soda.  It was just a cup with a sickening amount of orange colored sugar in it.  But I am once again relieved because I passed my test which means (hopefully it's right) no gestational diabetes for me.

Things I learned:
  • Even when you think your going to die, you won't.  Dying during that test is much harder than it seems. 
  • Don't try and do anything productive while taking the test.  All the reading I planned to do went out the door.  A magazine was about as much as I could handle for those three hours. 
  • You will abhor the idea of sugar for about a day, at most a day and a half.  Too bad.  After the dreaded drink, I couldn't even imagine ever wanting sugar again.  Then Easter came. 
  • A vegi based snack after was a very good idea.  VERY GOOD IDEA!!
  • Don't plan a large shopping trip after.  All you will want is a nap.  A very long nap. 
  • I never liked the idea of being stuck with needles.  But the idea of being stuck with a needle in my hand is apparently a bit (or a lot) more panic inducing.  Just another thing I will have to get over one day.
  • The baby will move and move and move during this test.  Usually mornings are pretty calm.  (And the whole time I just sat there wondering if anybody else could see my belly moving.  As if anybody else cares!)
  • Walking around is a good idea.  Even if there is only so much room for you to do so.  

Things I am proud of:
    • I took 5 needles in the arms without much thought, just eyes closed (my left arm wasn't very giving with the blood, hence the 5 pokes, not 4). 
    • I didn't go lay on the cold bathroom floor despite how much I wanted to.  The term "public" kept me sensible about the whole thing. 
    • I made it through a magazine.  I did at least one semi productive thing during those three hours. 
    • I drank the drink without too much mental complaining.  I used to be very particular with liquids.  Not so much anymore thank goodness or I don't know how I would have made it through that drink. 
    • I took the "army grade" medical tape off by myself.  It was much less painful when the nurses did it though.  (I won't deny I was tempted to leave it on until my next apt. so they would take it off for me.  It was strong stuff.  I am used to bandages that fall off within mins.)

Misc. thoughts:
    • They should really provide a bed for anybody going through that test.  
    • No matter what, don't give up.  The very idea that I would have to restart the test if I complained about how I felt, kept me going.  Cling to the fact that the crappy feeling won't last too long.  The tiredness, maybe. 
    • You might look like a pregnant druggy after the test so maybe skip the short sleeves that day. 
    • Sitting around for the one hours test was almost harder then sitting around for the 3 hours test though that makes no sense. 

And now pictures, just because:
    All bandaged! 

    Post bandages.  Those red marks were there for a long while.  My skin did not appreciate that tape. Oh and apparently I might bruise easily but that's nothing new.  Just makes getting multiple shots a lot harder.  I think the nurse could tell the idea of getting my hand poked with the needle scared the crap out of me so she very kindly did her best to find a spot on the arm that wasn't already bruised that would  be generous with the blood.  I almost want to write her a thank you card. 

    A self portrait post test, prenap.  

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