Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Relationship Related - "Watch and Learn"

Elder Clayton's talk on marriage was one of my absolute favorites from this conference and one of my favorite marriage related talks ever.  His talk is essentially a guidebook on how to have a happy and fulfilling marriage.  I plan to print this out, mark it up, and read it often.  If you missed conference, watch it!  If you didn't watch it because you aren't LDS but you are married and love learning about how to improve your marriage, watch it!

On a non marriage related note, but still sticking to the conference subject, holy moly Elder Holland's talk!  It was another life changer for me.  Another one I plan to review often.  Again, if you missed it, watch it!  If you aren't LDS but are interested in the subject of faith, watch it!

Random notes about conference:
  • I have never been more grateful for cable and the ability to record.  I can't even imagine getting up at 6:00 a.m. to watch conference.  I would fall right back to sleep during it.  Speaking of which, they broadcast Music and the Spoken Word to one of the buildings here.  I am interested in knowing how many people show up at 6:00 a.m. to watch it and what poor soul has the awesome calling of having to set the projector up for it.  I obviously value my sleep, maybe a bit too much, but right now I have a good excuse. 
  • I have decided I can't be on my computer while watching conference anymore.  I miss too much.  Darn distracting internet.  I listened a lot better when I decided to just have a notebook available.  But this realization has come much too late.  Next conference I will have something I can't just replace with a notebook - a child.   
  • I thought the funniest story was the one about shaking hands.  If you watched it, you will know which one I am talking about. 
  • I haven't quite figured  out the deal with the random videos shown during random talks.  Are they more for the kids? 
  • How did I never catch on that the Relief Society broadcast is only once a year? 

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