Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I Am Having A Bad Hair Century

So I just looked in the mirror and realized my hair looks good today. And this made me think of something to write about.

I have had many struggles with my body over the years and at the top of the list would be my hair. I can not for the life of me figure out my hair. I almost had it figured out in Utah than I moved to VA and had to find new hair products again. My hair journey since college even included growing it out as long as possible. I grew it out until I saw a picture and about freaked at how bad it looked. Everybody was relieved when I cut it way shorter (even Jon) and have since kept it that length. I have tried many shampoos including Redkin, Dove, Herbal Essence, as well as a few others whose names I can't pull off the top of my head. I have tried creams and hair sprays and mousse. I have tried not washing it every day, not blow drying it, blow drying it, scrunching my hair. You name it I have probably tried it. With all the bad hair days I have had I am just glad Jon is still dating me (good thing for him it never got this bad). My usual technique was just to pull it up in a ponytail or messy bun about halfway through the day.

The highlights of those months were the few times I curled my hair. What a relief to look good once or twice a month. Well then I started using Big Sexy Hair products. I started off with the Hair Spray to keep my curls in. It worked pretty well but I had nothing for the days when my hair was not curled, which was a majority of the time. Then, one day while in Marshalls I saw that they sold some hair products by Big Sexy Hair. Though the mousse was 10& it was a good deal, as at Target its 20$. So I bought it. I noticed a slight difference and was happy enough with the product. During this time I realized another mousse I had been using was not working quite to its potential because I had been using it wrong. It was suppose to help your hair curl (woops). Anyways the Big Sexy Hair mousse I bought was also suppose to help with humidity and between that and Redken 01 Glass Mild Control Smoothing Serum,my hair was not looking half bad. During this time I started also using Herbal Life Shampoo and Conditioner. My dad started selling and using Herbal Life and got us the shampoo and conditioner for reasons still unknown to me. I originally started using it just to test it out. But I never stopped, though I will probably have to now as I have about run out of it :(.

Today I realized how amazing of a change the combination of Herbal Life hair products, Big Sexy Hair hair products, Redken 01 Glass Mild Control Smoothing Serum, a blow dryer, and a small round bristle brush has had. I no longer have as many bad hair days. No more frizzyness and static and limp hair. It just took a long time to find the perfect combination of hair products and routine to get my hair to do something. Perhaps some of my routine is not necessary but I do know that I love the Big Sexy Hair hair products, the Herbal Life hair products, and my blow dryer. I am also realizing that I will have to start spending more money on my hair for it to do anything as many of the cheaper hair products don't work on my hair in Virginia. But that's okay as long as I don't look like no ugly monster anymore.

Now I am just waiting for the day where I will have to move and start the hair adventures all over again.

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