Tuesday, May 5, 2009

SUGAR - I Love It & So Do You

As I was sitting at work today I began to think about my change in diet and what I was doing that was good and what I could do better. I have successfully stayed away from sweets for more than two weeks and have at least another week to go. I did though, have half a cup of sugar filled lemonade thanks to Jon and many Ketchup Chips (sorry I have 6 bags to get through. Luckily once they are gone I just cant go to the store and get more).There was also sugar in some of the snack foods I ate that I do not consider to be sweets. Perhaps someday I will cut those out too. But for now, either due to my diet or my decreased appetite, or both, I am down to 115. Sugar can increase your appetite so hopefully cutting out a lot of the sugar is what has decreased my appetite. My main concern is the tiredness and headaches I was getting. Sometimes drastically decreasing the sugar or cutting it out can cause tiredness and headaches for a short period of time but mine seemed to last for a while. Hopefully that has to do with the allergy season.

This short article analyzes the best substitutes for water, flavored water. I don't mind water but I do know that sometimes it just does not do the trick. Especially for those that love juice, which just happens to be packed with sugars. I have not had these particular flavored waters but I am excited to try them out in the near future.

You know those "healthy" foods you buy? Have you ever wondered how healthy they actually are? I for one was surprised to see certain foods I eat on the list of worst "healthy" foods.

For any one that can't curve the sweet tooth consider eating dark chocolate until you like it. Its healthier than any other chocolate. Also try chewing sugar free gum to stop cravings.

As I do not necessarily need to deprive myself of sweets for health reasons I will not cut them out of my diet for forever. I do like this guide for health eating, which maybe ill try to better follow after this sugar diet is over.

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  1. yes i love sugar... i haven't gotten rid of it completely just some... like i don't eat sweets... but i will eat some foods with sugar in them.. pretty much almost everything has sugar in it.. well that i like to eat :) hehe! sugar free Jello was my big saver!!! good stuff!!