Monday, May 11, 2009

Hey Who Is that Hot Mamaseta!!!

So I am officially off of the sugar diet. I might have been able to go longer but decided it was not worth it anymore. I reached my goal and that was enough. My new goal is to moderate how many sweets I eat. Today I tried this Boston Cream Cake my parents friends brought over. I had to try it because a high school classmates father made it and I had heard good things about his bakery. I had a small piece and an even small piece wit me at work. Since I am not a big fan of Boston Cream Cake I said that if I did not enjoy the very small piece I would not eat the rest of it. And it worked. I did not enjoy it as much as I do other deserts so I did not eat it. I will give it away to someone who will enjoy it more. And instead I tried a bit of the key lime sherbet. Now that was some amazing stuff.

I remembered another celebrity crush of mine. Kevin Bacon!!! And I have a movie of his coming in the mail this week. You are all invited to watch it with me. I promise you it will be good.

Sunday I taught Relief Society as I always do on the second Sunday of each month. A few weeks ago I had enough time on my hands to start reading this teaching manual the church put out a while back. I bet you can find it on their website, but I forget what it is called right now. Anyways I decided to take a few pointers from the book like working on remembering names (a hard one for me) and asking questions more often. Because the lesson was on spiritual gifts and because of how the lesson was set up, it ended up being a good lesson to test some of the things I wanted to try out and I think it went well. I am a harsh judge of myself so its hard for me to say that, but based on the students reactions I think I can say that. I really enjoyed preparing for that lesson. I am amazed at how much I feel like I never knew, but really I probably just forgot, about the gospel. It was a great lesson, chapter 33 of the Joseph Smith Manual, and I recommend to all that they read it. Now I hope I can just continue to learn girls names, especially if any more come and leave. Names were not made for my brain to remember.

Friday night Jon and I went shopping for a bit. He had to get a mothers day gift and while there I was informed I might be going to the beach. As I only had one good bathing suit I decided I might need to get another one but knew any attempt at finding one that I wanted to pay for and that I liked would be futile. After a successful trip to Bath and Body Works (where he got me this peach smells so good) we headed to JCPenneys just so I could check. At first glance there was nothing but I decided to try this really cute one on but feared the back would be too low. Upon putting it on I fell in LOVE with it. Its black and white stripped with a pink design on part of it and its sparkley. Maybe Ill put a picture up sometime. Anyways it fit really well. I wasn't going to get the bottoms because I can mix and match with others I happen to have but ended up getting them too because of the style they were made in. I had been wanting a pair in that style for a while. We ended up getting the bathing suit and when I tried both peices on that night, I fell in LOVE with it even more. I am so excited to wear it. But the best part is that for once it only took me 15 mins to find a bathing suite.

After the mall and a trip to Walmart and Target we went back to Jons house and watched the last released Harry Potter so that I could finally be totally caught up with the Harry Potter movies (Lord of the Rings next people). The first half made us a bit resless but the last half was soo enjoyable. So very very enjoyable. And did I mention the movie room was purple. That made the the viewing experience almost a million times better.

Saturday I took Joce out for her birthday. We got our nails done, got chinese food, went on a long walk, chatted, and did a bit of shopping. It is so fun having my nails done for once. I dont get them done often but I should because my hands look a million times better. My finger nails are one thing that I struggle with. I don't take very good care of the finger nails. The technicians at the nail place took very good care of them for me. On our walk a truck drove by and I thought I recognized the guy in the passenger seat so I was starring at the car to see if it was him. Well when it passed by I ended up starring right into the drivers seat and sitting there was this guy named Drew Ford. His story is that we "dated" for 4 days in middle school (i broke up with him) but never talked to each other much after that since we did not have the same group of friends or the same classes. I didn't even think he rememebered it at all but he told one of my friends about it senior year. Hopefully he has had a brain concussion since that time and has forgotten about it. I mean I would never wish that upon anyone...forgetting about me dating them...but just maybe it would be a good thing this one time. We think it might be his family that moved in down the street. HAHAHA. I doubt he still lives at home which is good but its still soo weird to me.

Other significant events of this weekend

-Met Jon's brother Mark. He was a very nice guy, very level headed, and got me inspired to start listening to talk radio more. Which I did at work today and it was fun.
-I ended up playing Mark, Jon, and Jons sister in Halo. I blew big time so it got a little lame at times but it had its funny moments. Maybe some day I will learn the game better by getting one on one training so I can play a bit better. Its not the first time I played but I did a lot worse than I have other times. I think part of it depends on which Halo is being played and what set up is being used. I do really bad when its one on one. Really bad.
-It was mothers day and we got flowers in our singles ward. haha.
-I got a new dress. Its oh so cute.
-Me and Jon finally got a chance to watch The Ultimate Gift. Love that movie, even if the acting sucks. Makes me want to get out and serve people maybe I will soon.

I could probably say a million more things but I need to make myself hit the sack. I didn't get a lot of sleep last night due to waking up early sweating profusely and not feeling good. Hopefully I sleep better tonight. Good night....

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  1. Marc is pretty fun huh!! I love playing Halo with them. Marc said they were going after you on purpose because you were playing Beef's (Chris) character! haha!! I wish I could have been there..... so the room is purple??? hmmm I dont know how I feel about that... did you hear about the pink/flower/ruffle room my mom wants to do for guests.... ya I said no way!! It is so weird running into previous boyfriends... though i haven't seen any from elementary school. Good job on Harry Potter!! july 17 are you getting ready!! Aaron and I like to dress up and go opening night!!! CAn't wait for you to watch LOTR!!!!!