Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Happy Birthday

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Jocelyn!!! I love this girl so much and had a blast hanging out with her on Saturday. She is a very good listener and is very chilled and laid back when it comes to hanging out. Shes also interesting when I do get her to open up more and talk. Shes smart, talented, and has good taste in music. We have been friends for a long time, been through a lot of things together and have had a lot of fun times.

A few of the random memories I have of our friendship :

-The time we went to 7-11 and bought lots of junk food and proceeded to play hide and seek in her basement while eating it all (I have never been sure why this memory is the first one that always comes to mind but it is)
-The endless hours we used to spend chatting with strangers online. Good times.
-When we rode the paddle boats in D.C.
-The time we watched Psycho and we were so scared afterward (though I was asleep for half the movie) that we felt we should watch a better movie but they were all in her brothers room and nobody dared get up and wander the house in the dark. So we fell asleep scared instead.
-The times we have spent chatting on her lake.
- FARKLE games all the time as shes the one that got me addicted to it.
-I owe her my love for ketchup chips.
- The time Joce, Me, Kate, and someone else (maybe Jay) got lots of junkfood and had a party and ended up taking pictures with the food. Random I know but it was hilariously fun.


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