Friday, May 29, 2009


So first let me apologize to my sister for exploding at her when I found my bathing suits on the floor yesterday. And for all of you let me explain what happened so you will understand the pretext to what I am about to write. Wed night I had washed my bathing suits and hung them on the shower bar to dry as it was the only place I knew they could drip without being in the way. Thursday I woke up and they were all over the floor except for one piece which I finally found still hanging up but pushed all the way to the left of the bar, which I assume happened when Laura moved the curtain. Now I don't know what really happened and I will no longer try and place the blame but when I told Jon about it it led to an interesting discussion.

He said he would much rather have someone take a shower with his clothes still hanging there than move them because he doesn't want other people to move his stuff. But I on the other hand would take offense to someone leaving my clothes hanging on the shower bar while they are showering. In fact I considered that simple etiquette to move my clothes. Yes they may be in your way but it was the only place they could dry overnight and you are taking a shower before me. Almost every time someone in my house is nice enough to move them for me, thankfully. Now first let me ask the readers because I am rather curious (as I previously assumed my position was the only position): Would you rather have someone move your clothes while they are showering or leave them because you placed those clothes there and don't want others moving your stuff?

For some reason this made me wonder about bathroom etiquette. If your like me, you do not think about it often. Sure I hate public restrooms, bathroom issues upon getting married concern me, but I don't often think about the specifics of bathroom etiquette, so I decided to do some quick and light research on it (its hard to sift through stuff on google when doing research on a phrase that includes the word bathroom so this will be quick).

For women in the workplace consider this.

This is one of the first things that came up when I googled this topic. It made me laugh but consider not looking at the website much. I can't imagine how clean it would be so I looked at the title, laughed, then clicked the x button.

For men about to get married, though all can benefit.

How about testing your knowledge on the subject.

Apparently in the home anything goes, which is true to a point. Just be more aware and considerate when you move in with someone new, or visit someone elses home. No two people or families are alike. When you take a shower know if you need to turn the fan on, put a towel on the floor, move the clothes hanging there, or whatever rules they have. Consider not using all the hot water or using excessive amounts of toilet paper. Speaking of which, a teacher told me once that she used to have a neighbor that only allowed one piece of toilet paper to be used each sitting because she hated waste due to going through the depression. I would not go that extreme though. And when you have visitors, cut them some slack.

I found a lot of other blogs about bathroom etiquette but the one I found that was most appropriate in general, most appropriate to the subject of visiting someone elses home, and just rather funny is this one.

Finally, putting bathroom etiquette to the side because it really doesn't have tons to do with the story, what is the most important lesson that Jon has made sure I learn from the situation and our discussion afterwards? People are different. People prefer different things. People get mad and annoyed at different things. It is our job to be careful, to be understanding, to be forgiving, to be considerate, and to be kind. Be more aware of those around you. Be more open so others can be more aware. Be slow in placing blame. Learn to give a lot and take less.

"It were not best that we should all think alike; it is difference of opinion that makes horse races." - Mark Twain

"... the more we love any that are not as we are, the less we love as men and the more as God." - John Saltmarsh

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  1. Did you see the youtube video I posted on my blog about Male Bathroom Etiquette a few weeks ago? Ask any guy who watches it which Urinal to use and they would get it right.