Friday, May 8, 2009

Challenge #525 Of This Week

My new hobby is making goals and trying to reach them and challenging myself. So my next goal is to tell you, the readers, at least 25 more things that you don't know about me in an effort to get over the feeling that I am so boring. So here I go!

1. About once a week it hits me how selfish I am being or have been and tell myself that I need to change.
2. Every month since I watched a certain movie last summer, it gets more and more appealing to give everything I own but my clothes and my car away. Downsize to the bare minimum.
3. My friend once hit me while she was riding my bike. I don't remember it really hurting but I got all dizzy and started puking my lungs out. And I remember laying on the couch while my family was watching this animated Book of Mormon movie. Its fuzzy image was left implanted in my brain. Doc claims nothing was wrong with me but my lack of intelligence and being with it at all times might be a direct result of that accident.
4. Whenever people ask me about my most embarrassing moment I always say I can't think of one. But really, I can think of one, only one, and its embarrassing enough for me that I almost never share it. So don't ask.
5. I could never trust a person who hit someones car and didn't leave a note.
6. I went on a cruise a few years ago and almost got kissed by a barely 18 year old who had been drinking.

One moment...gotta finish gagging.

7. I get annoyed with high school boys who think they are sooo coool. Sometimes I forget I used to like guys like that. I call that my past life and claim that when I was that age the boys were not quite as bad.
8. I get annoyed at anything that is blocking the flow of traffic, whether on the road or in a hallway. Move it slow people. You have my permission to slam into me anytime I am blocking the flow of traffic.
9. The color yellow is growing on me fast but I do not dare and try to wear it.
10. I had such bad teeth problems when I was younger that once it was over, I hated talking about it. I am just now beginning to dwell in that part of my life again but it will take a while before I am completely honest about it to anyone that didn't know me at that time. Seriously I don't even talk about it with anyone who did know me at that stage of my life. So traumatic.
11. My list of celebrity crushes include Matthew Mcconaughey, Michael Moscovitz (a character), Shane West, Will Smith, Denzel Washington, Wilson Brothers, Jude Law (won me over in the Holiday), Paul Walker (and not because of the Fast and the Furious thank you very much) many more that I cant come up with right now. You probably think I have horrible taste but I don't mind. I will probably think the same about your list.
12. Speaking of crushes....We did this activity in Young Womens, probably about our ideal husband or something. Anyways for reason I cant remember, I gained in my possession a picture of a good looking model on a backpacking trip. I believe it was part of a cologne ad. I kept that thing of years and years and years. I think it even hung on my wall at one time. If I randomly still have it and find it, I promise I will scan it and display it for my embarrassment.
13. I started taking showers every single day while in Young Womens. All the older girls were talking about how they took showers everyday and I realized that I wanted/or should start taking showers everyday.
14. I hate the feel of sweaty armpits, completely, even if I am just sweating a tiny bit. So I use special deodorant to clog the glands there.
15. When you use that doedorant you can't put a shirt on right away and you do it before going to sleep. One time sophomore year I had my shirt half on while laying in bed waiting till I could put it on completely. But before I could do that, I fell asleep. It was a really awkward experience waking up the next morning.
16. Sometimes I regret not holding on tighter to certain friendships of mine.
17. My crazy coworker that accused me of having an affair with my boss no longer works here and I am more joyous about it than I should be.
18. I almost never read the same book twice but sometimes I do because I forgot I had already read the book.
19. I enjoyed almost every book I was forced to read in English. Except for Utopia and a few others that were old and British.
20. Fantasy and medieval period writing never really did it for me but I am testing the waters a bit more now.
21. I loved making up big stories and soap operas while playing barbie dolls and I loved playing house, especially in my friends log cabin.
22. Once I ate these bean like things off this plant just for the heck of it. Later that night I got a stomach ache for a short period of time so my mom called the poison control people and basically told them her stupid daughter wasn't thinking again and ate a piece of some random plant. K maybe it wasn't quite that mean but close to it and plus I deserved it. Who eats random plants after the age of like 8 anyways and lets just say this was in the later years of my teen period.
23. I kind of miss having sleepovers all the time though they are not as enjoyable as they once were.
24. I love when friends make me over. Miss that a lot. I hate doing my own makeup and hair.
25. One time, as a toddler, I ran around outside naked. My mom claims its because I was jealous my brothers didn't have to wear a top while swimming so I just yanked off my bathing suit and went for it. And my mom couldn't stop me because she was at the door with a guy who worked with my dad. Sometimes I get the urge to do that again but I try to stay closer to the realm of being a never nude.
26. I blow at grammar but love English.
27. One time I went to this interview to get special permission to be in Honors English. I told them I suck at spelling but love English. They thought I was a freak but let me in the class anyways. I think maybe I took a test and passed it so they had to let me in. Must not have been tested on my spelling.


  1. haha so funny and VERY random. Good to know more about you, and no you are not boring. i had this whole binder full of stuff for my future husband from YW things like that... Aaron read them all but some I threw away.. so embarrassing the things I would talk about. I can't wear yellow either.. doesn't do anything for me. i had sweaty armpits too i just bought new deo yesterday becauase the one i had wasn't working. i hope i never drive in front of you.. i am a slow driver because i don't know how to drive... i have gone a full year without a crash!!i was a big soap oprea barbie girl too...

  2. hahah I love yellow and love wearing it now. though i do remember those days when I hated. But I also hated wearing about everything but black.
    I suck at spelling too. Remember those days when cousins were cousints. X0

  3. Crap that whole thing that I just wrote about wearing black does not make sense.
    What I meant is that I remember those days when I hated wearing about everything but black.