Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Another Lazy Saturday

Saturday has always been a bit of a hard day for me. I like to be socially busy on Saturdays because of course I don't want to waste my one good social day of the week. If nothing is going on and I have nothing on my to do list I go crazy. After one bad Saturday a few weeks ago, my husband said we should make some sort of descent plan for the next Saturday (that being this past Saturday). So we did, but all the plans failed, partly due to weather and partly due to other events. So I was forced to have another lazy Saturday but it ended up not being too bad because it included many of my favorite things:

1. A Nap

2. Antique Shops

On Saturday we visited On A Whim Home Antiques and Decor. It was a very enjoyable visit and they had many interesting and pretty things to look at. They also had quite a bit of vintage wedding clothing which I have not before seen at an antique store in the area.
The other one we visited that I really enjoyed was Old Luckets Store. This one was in a really cool old house and had a lot of vintage pieces and sold hardware like door knobs and hooks. They had these really pretty bird hooks that were hard not to buy.

3. Kabobs
If you live in the Northern Virginia/Maryland region you should visit Charcoal Kabobs. It is our favorite Kabob place around and we usually end up going about once a month.

4. Phase 10

Though I lost to my husband again. I always loved playing him in this game because I can win so easily but the last two times I have lost. Not cool!!!

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