Tuesday, July 27, 2010

New Recipes We Like

I really liked the Mini Meatball Sliders. I think I liked them more than Jon though he did like them enough to eat them. I actually used Costco meatballs rather than make them because I adore Costco meatballs (Kirkland brand I think). But because I used the small dinner roles it was hard to fit the meatballs in them. They tasted fine but it made the meal a bit more messy than it would have been if I made smaller meatballs. I thought they made decent leftovers too.

The strawberry watermelon slushies were good. Easy to make too. Just remember you need ice for them. I forgot and ended up postponing making them until I could go get ice (we recently shut off our ice machine.).

Finally, I made my first homemade chicken pot pie last night. I don like to buy them because they are soo high in fat and can be a bit expensive. So I decided to try my hand at making one. Not sure the fat content was too much lower but I do believe it was some what healthier. I do recommend though reading the reviews and comments and follow some of the suggestions on how to make it better. I followed a few and all turned out delicious.  basically boiled everything in chicken stock, added a bit more garlic and other seasonings, and added some extra liquid in the pot pie. It makes okay leftovers, but was just a bit less creamy/juicy.

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