Wednesday, July 14, 2010

It is a Topic I know Nothing About and Have Not Researched At All

but that I am intrigued by. The topic basically being about the green movement, the healthy eating movement, the local produce movement, etc. etc. A large part of each of these movements focus on getting produce and meats that have less pesticides in them and are therefore inherently more healthier for you to consume. But what if it ends up, at least for a few generations, being less healthy for us to consume?

I have always believed that a small dose of bacteria is good for everyone in order to help build their immune systems. If you stay in your house all the time, you will become more susceptible to germs when you do leave your house for those few hours each week as your immune system is no longer built to defend against the germs. Now this may not be true at all but I do sort of believe it. So back to my theory. If we, as parents, begin to remove every possible harmful thing from food, will it slowly weaken our immune systems. Add the anti bacterial soap, the lack of time kids play outside these days, face masks being worn when you are sick and need to leave your home, etc. etc. We are all about trying to prevent people from getting sick and from decreasing the amount of bacteria we come in contact with. Now there is nothing really wrong with this. I for one do not want to come in contact with someone who has the flue, or get near a virus that could possibly be deadly.  But the question here is, are we taking it too far? Or could we end up taking it to far? Will it begin to have the opposite effect and will our kids begin to get sick more often? Taking it to the extreme, could people start dying at a younger age again (at least until the human race adapts) because we protected them too much? Is it possible at all?

I have no research to back any of this up. It's just something that I have been wondering about. If you think I am full of crap and should just stop thinking altogether, feel free to let me know. But please let me know why. I am interested in peoples opinions about this.

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