Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I Want To Say I Taught Her All She Knows, But It's Just Not True

I never much understood why guys cared so much about who their younger sisters were dating. It wasn't really like that in my family so I just couldn't understand why they cared so much. But now my sister is at the stage of life where she seems to go on dates quite often and kisses a boy here and there. I was at that same stage of life when I was her age so it's really not that strange. And though I know that, I can't seem to get past the fact that she dates and kisses guys.

 It got even worse today when she proceeded to tell me that she met a guy I went to high school with named "Joe." After a bit of questioning I figured out who it was she was talking about, because his name is not Joe, and that she had went on a date with him the other day. My 19 year old sister went on a date with a guy that not only graduated with me in 2004, but a guy who I used to have a crush on. So strange and I can't seem to get past it. Maybe I am slightly jealous. Not only did this guy never ask me out, no guy I liked in high school did. But mainly I am just scared. Scared for my sister in the same way every brother is for his little sister. I think I understand it now and I am really glad I only have one little sister.

As the title of this blog says, I want to say I taught her all she knows, but it's just not true. She found her own way in life. She went from being antisocial to social on her own. She found and worked on mastering her talents on her own. She started dating guys without me giving her advice or picking out her date outfits. She never really needed me, and when she did, if I was not around, anybody could have taken my place. But this does not make me sad at all. It makes me incredibly happy for her. She is a good example of why my family is made up of 4 kids who seem so different from each other. Because we love each other and are good friends but at the same time have each found our own way in life.

But maybe this once I can give her some life changing advice: Know the name of the guy you are going out with before you go. It usually makes things less awkward.

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  1. 1. I wanna know who "Joe" is!
    2. This post just cracked me up (the idea of my sister dating anyone is so weird), but I totally see it. Laura is awh-so grown up, haha.