Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Strange Events are Going Down

The strangest things happened today.

I was chilling at the pool with my sister. There are usually a lot of pigeons that fly back and forth between the apartment buildings on either side of the pool. That in it self is usually creepy and they like to poop over all the pool chairs which is just nasty. But today one bird came, grazed the water, and then chilled on the side of the pool for a bit. It then decided to graze  the water again and it ended up right on top of the water flapping its wings. It couldn't get up in the air again and ended up running into this girl who was floating on her back. The girl jumps up to see what was going on. The bird got back near the edge of the pool but it still couldn't fly. It was just flapping its wing, trying to stay above water. The lifeguard came and removed it with the pool cleaning tool but the bird wouldn't move off of the tool so finally he just had to put it on the pool house roof. We were all laughing pretty hard but I felt bad for the girl because we could all see it coming and nobody called out to her. One guy did say he would avenge the bird for her so that was kind of nice. I am impressed though how she handled it. She barely seemed fazed. I would have about flipped.

Then we were driving to get ice cream. Within a minute of leaving our apartment complex, we saw the following: a guy walking in the middle of the road, a girl at the side of the road with a Darth Vader mask on, and a purple truck with a barney stuffed animal and another purple animal tied to the front of it.

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