Monday, July 5, 2010

Money Dilemma

Before I got married, there was always something that I needed to save money for. First it was school, then it was a car and student loans, and then it was my wedding. And while I did a decent job saving up, I also spent a bit of money every year on myself with almost no hesitation. A pair of 50$ shoes that I loved, no problem.  A dress though I don't really need another one, sure why not. I always said that I couldn't wait for the day when I no longer had to be working towards something and when I could spend all the money I wanted. But then I got married and my debt was all gone and things changed.

Now I get a bit of spending money each month. But rather than go and spend it on a new pair of shoes or a new dress or a new book, it just keeps building in my own personal account. I've never had so much spending money in all my life. And yet I can't seem to spend it. It is as if I am saving up for something that I am completely unaware of yet. I found two awesome pair of shoes at Nordstrom Rack today and rather than buy them right away, I decided I would wait and see how I feel after a few days. WHAT??? What about buying and then telling yourself you will possibly return them though secretly knowing you won't return them? Nope I don't even do that anymore.

I am not sure if it has to do with all those financial books and blogs I read, or just the fact that normal married life costs so much that I can't get myself to spend anymore. It seems every month there is some big expensive whether it be tires, work clothes, boy scout uniforms (yup my husband got stuck in boyscouts), vacations, or medical bills. Expensives just never end. If my husband wasn't so good at balancing me out, I might have ended up as some frugal lady who never stepped out of her house in fear of how much money it would cost.  On the other hand, my husband is a tiny bit too unfrugal at times, so I guess the balancing act continues.

By the many pairs of shoes can a girl have until she has too many? Is it possible to have too many? Cause I really do want those shoes....

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    But really, I find this very interesting. You know me well... I worked all the way through college, paid my bills, didn't rack up any debt, etc. I wouldn't say that I made TONS of money, but, after bills were paid, I spent a lot of money on silly things for myself (shopping with roommates, going out to dinner, blah blah). I wonder how much I could have saved up if I was less frivolous? I wonder if my habits will be the same once I get a real job...

    (PS- you are soooo much fun to shop with, so please don't give it up completely.)