Sunday, July 18, 2010


On Friday our friends asked us if we wanted to see Inception with them. I usually veto going to the movies unless im super excited about a movie because it is so expensive, but we had been needing to hang out with these friends so I said we could go. I also don't have a television so I am often behind on what movies are coming out and thus knew nothing about Inception. My hubby was nice enough to show me the preview and while the preview looked cool I was a bit skeptical about how the movie really would be and if it would be too hard to follow. But thankfully we went.

I have not seen such a good movie in sooo long. The acting was great. The story line was great and original. The action was pretty good. Some of the special effects were awesome. And beyond some violence, it was very clean. Overall it had everything you could want in a movie.

As for being hard to understand, it depends on who you are. For me, I didn't really come out of the Inception with any questions about what occured beyond scenes I thought were incorrect. My hubby on the other hand, had many questions. I think it depends on how hard you think about what you saw because often the harder you think about it the less it makes sense. Also, I think I caught onto a lot of things and tied it all together a lot better than my husband did. I am not always able to do that but for some reason Inception was so intense and intriguing to me that I was able to follow it all. But for many of you that wont occur, and that's why some people recommend going to see the movie once just to see it and a second time to catch everything and tie it all together.

It's not a perfect movie. As I said above, the harder you thought about certain things, the less they made sense. And I still stand by the fact that they made a few mistakes in it. But overall the movie is awesome. I give it an A++.

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