Friday, September 23, 2011

Day Five of Trip to San Fran

Short post for this day as it was Sunday so we didn't do very much.

We started the day with early morning Sacrament Meeting with the hubby's sister's family. And then went home to rest. We spend a better part of the day just relaxing. After a delicious mexican dinner, we went on a long walk to a glass beach. I don't remember what body of water we were near but it is home to many birds and the land around it has some pretty strange plants so it made for a pleasant walk. Plus the tiny glass beach was awesome. And yes I kept a few of my favorite pieces of glass. Not sure what I will do with them but that's besides the point.

After the walk we had some key lime pie, a new favorite of mine and relaxed with one of our nieces. After she headed to bed we were treated with key lime pie ice cream bars. Those are an amazing invention. It's like an ice cream sandwich but the outside is graham cracker and the middle is key lime pie gelato (At least I think it was gelato. Maybe it was ice cream.). It was stupendously good.

Bed time after that.

Here are a few pictures:

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