Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Day Two of San Fran Trip

Most of day two (Thursday) was spent wandering the city. I got an early start thanks to the time zone difference which was nice. Taking their transit system from the airport to the city isn't cheap. There and back is almost $20. Ouch! But I bit the bullet.
In the city I pretty much just wandered around and did some light shopping. I hit the following neighborhoods: 

Union Square : Got a sweater & scarf at Forever 21. Hit up an awesome stationary store and got postcards. Stayed away from the dangerous and above my budget stores. Awesome shopping area though. 

China Town : Got some small items. Didn't want to eat there by myself and all the stores became the same after a while so I toured it for a bit and then headed back to Union Square. I wish I had remembered to go to the fortune cookie factory or kite shop. Maybe next time. 

Mission : Took the BART here. Had to get help because I still didn't understand the transportation system. Wandered around. Hit up a thrift store that was huge but I didn't feel like looking very much. Area is known for thrift stores though, I think. I felt a bit out of place in this part of town. I felt like I was the only one that didn't actually live there. Cool Spanish vibe though. I hadn't eaten all day and I was beginning to feel it so I said a small prayer that someplace I could eat would catch my eye. A few minuets later it did.

I ate at Weird Fish. They are known for their fish tacos and local sustainable dining. I don't like fish that much but wanted to give it a try. I started with a beet salad that as amazing. And then got some fried fish tacos. The fish itself was so so but everything else on the taco was so delicious. I would high recommend those tacos to anybody who likes fish. I am glad I ran into this restaurant and recommend it for a light lunch if you are in the Missions. 

Noe Valley : I think this was the last neighborhood I went to. It was a nice neighborhood with lots of cute homes and fun stores. Just grabbed a doughnut here and browsed the shops until my feet started hurting. I then wandered around a bit while looking at my map, trying to find another BART to take back. I had walked here from the Mission and didn't want to walk all the way back to the station I started at. I headed toward a station on the map, couldn't figure out exactly where I needed to go, and decided just to head back so that I wouldn't get too lost and because I was too tired to walk up more hills. Thankfully there was one right in the Missions at the bottom of the hill I had walked up to on my way to Noe Valley. It was much closer than the one I had originally been in and was such a blessing. 

I got back home after only having to backtrack once on the BART! Not to shabby. I was going in the right station but had to switch trains one more time and didn't know that. 

I hit up the lame gift shop at the hotel and then rested with my hubby back at the hotel until dinner. We drove into San Fran and ate at a restaurant in the Westin Hotel with Jon's coworkers. The Westin is right in Union Square, has 3+ places to eat in it,  and even has a Victoria Secret which I think is pretty convenient and smart. I got some sort of steak and they had a herb butter on the side that was sooo delicious on the meat. I just recently found out how good butter is with steak. I highly recommend it. The meal was top notch and the company was enjoyable. 

Upon going back to out hotel we borrowed a knife from one of the restaurants and ate our caramel apple. It was so delicious. I highly recommend caramel apples from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. They are my absolute favorite treat.
Weirdest quote I heard : A sales lady on the phone giving advice to a friend "that's so capitalism of you...don't do it." So fitting for San Fran.

Most random find I didn't buy : Velvet Toms at Neiman Marcus

Lesson learned : Super fresh veggies really are the best.

Thank you to : The super nice guy who helped me find the BART at the airport. To the nice lady who told me which BART to take to the Mission. To the nice waitress who didn't make me feel awkward for eating alone. To the other nice waitress who let us borrow a knife without judging us.

Sorry to : The guy in the elevator. I might have scared you when I started pointing with the knife. I forgot it was in my hand. 

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