Saturday, September 17, 2011

I Am a Certified Bum Today

I have been overworked (never left work on time this week) and sick so today I did nothing. And it felt good.

I had planned to go to the farmers market and maybe a yard sale but my husband rolled over in bed this morning and exclaimed, "It's ELEVEN!" WOOPS! Most farmers markets and yard sales close around noon so instead of rushing, I relaxed and took my time getting out of bed. It ended up being a rainy morning anyways.

I then bummed!

I watched Jessica Simpson's movie Major Movie Star, not because I thought it would be good but because nothing else was on and I was going to allow myself to enjoy wasting time for once. Then it was Lifetime for a few hours. Then the movie Prom. Then more Lifetime. Then the new X-Men movie. Then the rest of a historical movie entitled The Couple.

This blog post, my finger nails, and washing our towels were the most productive things I did all day. And its been amazing. I feel like I haven't taken a day to bum like this for almost a year.

As for what I recommend out of all the things I watched, my reviews are as follow:

Major Movie Star: Watch it if it's the only thing on, and even then, you probably shouldn't.

Prom: I like lame chick flicks and teen movies sometimes and this movie would be one of those. It was such an unrealistic movie and so typical, but still so cute.

X-Men First Class: A must!!!!!

The Couple: If you like WWII movies about the Holocaust this is an interesting movie. It's a bit slow, and by far, not your typical movie on this subject. But it is very interesting and leaves you on the edge of your seat at parts of it. Plus, it's streamable on Netflix.

Jon and I are leaving town for a few days. When I get back I will finish up the San Fran posts. Until next time.... :)

P.S. I think BYU is losing the football game. There is lots of yelling upstairs. But I confess, I don't care. I'm not a sports person.  Though I do love BYU!

P.P.S. Just to spruce this post up a bit, here is one of the best things I have seen on the web this week:

Click on the red. It will take you to the instructions on how to accomplish this adorable candle holder. I can't wait for an excuse to try it.

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  1. hehe i tottaly understand you , there are days u never want to get up , most of the time because of the weather , rainy days.
    I saw the xmen first class movie only from above mentioned movies,, and i liked it a lot ,, the first superhero movie that actualy is serious and diffrent, i recommend every one i know :-D
    waiting for interesting posts