Friday, September 9, 2011

Day Three of San Fran Trip

Friday the hubby spent the morning getting our rental car. As transportation is expensive into the city, we needed somewhere to store our luggage for the day, and were going out to the Napa area, we decided to get a rental car. And we were lucky enough to find a very good deal.

When he gets back and I walk out of the hotel with the luggage I kind of stop, pause, and say "That wasn't the car I rented." I had rented just your typical small compact car. He came back with

 "Oh they just asked if I wanted to upgrade it for a few dollars a day and I kind of impulsively said yes." Well it's a good thing we got a deal on it in the first place. The hubby sure did enjoy driving it though. 

We drove to the Golden Gate Park which is a huge park inside San Fran. I had wanted to see it the trip before but our GPS hadn't been able to find it. It took us a bit of work to make it there this time but we did. And for anybody who might want to go and is driving, there is parking inside the park. In the more popular areas of the park you may have to pay, but there is parking. 

We drove and walked around a little and then went to see the Japanese Tea Garden. We had to pay for parking here because we were too lazy to drive all around looking for a parking space as it was the most popular area because of the Gardens and the museums. But that's okay. 

We very much enjoyed the Japanese Tea Garden. It was really pretty. 

Someday when I have my own secret garden, part of it will look like a Japanese Tea Garden. So peaceful, so pretty. 

We then went and relaxed and walked around this beautiful lake. It had a waterfall, gorgeous bridges and many boaters. I really enjoyed seeing all the cute old men relaxing by the lake, listening to their music, and just enjoying the day. And the cute young couples on dates!  

After that we hopped back into the car and drove to another spot. This part of the park was less populated so parking for free was easy. We walked around, saw the bison, saw some fly fishers, and finally found some bathrooms. Never the easiest thing to find when you actually need one.

I do have to say that the bison were lame. There weren't many, at least that you could see, and they have a billion fences around the land. I know it's for safety purposes to protect them and us, but it's more depressing than cool to see.

The park was really awesome for being in a city. It was huge and very lovely. You could hike for hours in it. We didn't though because my feet and legs hurt from wandering around San Fran for hours the previous day. Maybe another trip. I highly recommend stopping in at the park for at least a few hours, if not the whole day. Bring a picnic too. It's a lovely place for one. 

After that we drove around and viewed the park a bit more and then headed on to Jon's sister's house. 

Jon's sister lives near Napa so that evening we went on a double date with her and her husband. She wanted us to have a taste of the Napa experience and took us to this new restaurant called Kitchen Door in the Oxbow Market

Dinner was amazing. The food was so flavorful, fresh, and delicious. I ate two whole plates. Not even kidding about that. I had the Tomato Salad with cucumbers, red onions, and feta cheese as well as Korean style Short Ribs with fried rice. Yummy! Everyone really enjoyed their food. Our only complaint was that you have to spend a lot on drinks because they only sold specialty sodas. Which, unless you have amazing taste buds, there isn't always much difference between those sodas and your typical sodas. But who cares about that little problem. It sort of makes it fun anyways. 

I crave that food everyday now. I will miss it. If you are ever nearby, GO! You probably won't regret it.  

After that was a movie at his sister's home and then bed. It was time for sleep that was very much needed. Dang time zone difference. 

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