Saturday, September 24, 2011

Day Six of Trip to San Fran

Monday, the day we headed home, was a crazy day so I had to blog about it for my own sake.

We had planned one hour to get to the airport but found out just as we were leaving that it was actually an hour and a half. Add that to the fact that we left a bit late and we started out the trip stressed.

We punched the address into our gps and began to go. Then we saw we were low on gas but the decison was made to keep on going and hope we could make it. Then I remembered we needed cash to go through the tolls and we had run out of cash. Again the decision was made to not get cash and hope we didn't need it (I don't remember what the logic was there but it doesn't matter now).

I was so stressed!!!. I only continued to get stressed as the gps started taking us a weird way and the trip got longer and longer. We had actually started out using my phone's gps because our gps was taking forever to work but when it did start working we started to follow it. Our gps was taking us a different way than my phone and I knew it and I was worried we were getting lost. We finally figured out that the gps was set to avoid all the tolls, which is why it was taking us a strange way. AHHH!!!

It was at about this time that we figured out we were too low on gas to continue very far so we had to find a gas station. At the gas station we couldn't get the dumb tank open to fill up the car. We were freaking out!!! We got to the point where we didn't know what to do except call the rental car company. Thankfully I found out how to open it thanks to the internet and we didn't have to go through the process of trying to contact someone.  We filled the car up, got some cash, and were on our way with the gps settings changed so it wouldn't avoid the tolls.

At this point we were an hour out from our flight time. I just KNEW we wouldn't make out flight.

Once we changed the gps it was a short trip. We got to the airport and dropped off the car. That took less than 10 mins but then we had to take the tram to the terminals. When we finally reached the terminal we had maybe 40 mins left. Thankfullyyyyyyy the airport wasn't that crowded at this time so we checked in and got through security in enough time to make our flight with time to spare.

We were soo blessed. Had the airport been any more crowded I am not sure we would have made it.  I am so thankfully too that the San Fran Airport had efficient and fast security.

Our flight was okay and we thought we were home free. But then when we landed we found out our connection flight was going to be late and at about that point I started to feel super sick. I spent the next half hour in the bathroom. After that we went and got food (I can't fly on an empty stomach. Yuk!). When we finally headed to the terminal, after getting more caramel apples, we saw the weather outside. It was pouring rain and apparently they had been getting bad rain off and on for while. I didn't think we would get out of there anytime soon and was ready to stay put for many hours.

Thankfully we were blessed again and the weather cleared up enough for us to take off.

The only problem after that was how long it took to get our luggage at the Dulles airport. Doesn't it suck to sit around and wait forever for your luggage? Blah!

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